Don’t Expect Chief Justice Roberts to Protect Abortion

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By Daniel Cotter* In recent days, Alabama and Missouri have joined some other states in enacting laws that make abortion criminal in almost all instances and at an early point in the pregnancies. Some progressives and others have some hope that Chief Justice Roberts will save Roe v. Wade.Recent judicial biographies tell the story of how the “troika” of Justices Kennedy, … SIKU Massey Ferguson 9240 Tractor Super Scale Model Toy Gift

The Supreme Court Has Been Expanded Many Times Before. Here Are Four Ways To Do It Today.

By Kurt Walters* In today’s crowded Democratic primary season, one issue has emerged that would have been unthinkable as recently as 2016: increasing Siku Super 1008 00402 CLAAS ARES 697 ATZ Traktor, profi, Werbemodell, limitiertSiku Super 1515 DEUTZ-FAHR (DX) AgroStar 6.31 Traktor mit Faßwagen, ca. 1 68Siku Super 1891 LIEBHERR Hydro-Seilbagger HS 835 HD, ca. 1 87the number of justices on the U.S. Supreme Court. At least five Democratic candidates have expressed openness to expanding the Court: Senators Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Kamala Harris as well as former … [Read more...] about The Supreme Court Has Been Expanded Many Times Before. Here Are Four Ways To Do It Today.

How Lawmakers Let Effective Unemployment Policy Drift Away

By Jeremy Pilaar*   Lawmakers must pay constant attention to changes in the world around them. Societal problems are rarely static. Instead, they evolve—often assuming unexpected forms that challenge prior assumptions about how to solve them. When policymakers forego this exercise, they risk exacerbating social harms. I chronicle one example of this phenomenon in the … SIKU Massey Ferguson With Front Loader Super Scale Model Toy Gift

By Michael Svedman*   In her recent proposal to break up Amazon, Google, and Facebook, Elizabeth Warren sounds the familiar antitrust alarm. WeakSiku Tipping Trailer Body 1 32Siku V 322 CITROEN SM - flitzer made in germany box repro scatola reprobox antitrust enforcement has allowed big tech companies to achieve Gilded Age levels of market dominance. They use mergers and proprietary marketplaces to acquire or exclude their competitors. The effect is to squeeze out … [Read more...] about Warren’s Plan to Break up Big Tech: Coordination Rights as a Public Resource

By Michael Webert*  SIKU WUHLMAUS 2733 POTATO DIGGER 3856 MIB 1 32 Introduction In the wake of recent decisions by the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces (CAAF), the military justice system’s highest appellate court, victims of child pornography offenses now receive substantially different rights and treatment in military courts than in federal civilian courts. Two key issues in child pornography cases are … [Read more...] about Revictimized: How the Military Justice System Fails Victims of Child Pornography Offenses

SCOTUS Gambles with Pardon Power

By Eric Allen Kauk*   On November 20, 2015, around 11:00 p.m. Terance Gamble was pulled over in Mobile, Alabama by a local police officer for having a busted light on his car.  As the officer walked up to the car, he smelled marijuana, so he removed Mr.Silly Signer sign language flash cardsSimba 6305873680 Plush Toy Minions Stuart 25 cm Yellow Gamble from the car while he searched the vehicle.  The officer found a small amount of marijuana and a firearm.  … [Read more...] about SCOTUS Gambles with Pardon Power

By Siddharth Sonkar*   CONTEXT Last month, in an unprecedented cyber attack on J.W Marriott Hotel’s guest database, data relating to more than five-hundred million guests spanning over four years was stolen. Not only were the hackers able to obtain the personal informationSimba Hand Cart with Sand Tools Sandbox Toy Plastic H 47 cm W 52 cm 107130802Simba PJ Masks Pajama Heroes Plush Catboy Plush Figure Plastic 38 cm 109402075SIMCA 8 SPORT 1949 1 43 SONIC CEC NOSTALGIE P2Simca aronde rallye monte-carlo 1959 maßstab 1 43 of these guests but were also able to obtain sensitive personal information relating to … [Read more...] about The Data Care Act: Viewing Businesses as Information FiduciariesSIMON AIR ELECTRONIC MEMORY GAME BRAND NEW HASBRO SIMON SAYS

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By Mark Satta* Last month, Aaron and Melissa Klein, a couple who owned a bakery in Oregon, asked the Supreme Court to review a ruling from the Court of Appeals of the State of Oregon, which held that the Kleins had violated Oregon state law by discriminating based on sexual orientation when they refused to bake a custom cake for a same-sex wedding. The Kleins, like the baker … [Read more...] SIMON OPTIX game Glasses Wearable Technology Hasbro InteractiveSimon Swipe Game. Hasbro 2013Simpsons Clue Game Pewter Tokens Pawns Waylon Smithers & Plutonium Rodabout Masterpiece Left Me Optimistic; Kavanaugh Leaves Me Unsure

By Gina Schouten*   I want to argue for a shift in focus in Sing a Ma Jig Fisher-Price Mattel Green pink lips Yellow polka dot shirtSix 28mm Scale White Metal GunfightersSkaven Warhammer Army Book various editions select - OOPSkillmatics Educational Game Dots and Mazes 3-6 Yearsconversations about justice in higher education. Because meritocratic admissions cannot meaningfully promote egalitarian justice, I argue that we should consider using weighted lotteries in admissions decisions, and that we should reform the culture of colleges and universities to make it likelier that …[Read more...] about Justice in Higher Education: Why We Must Move Beyond Admissions PolicySkoda Fabia WRC - Panizzi - Rallye Monte Carlo 2006 - 1 43 AL 2006-MC-011i

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By Shanna Cleveland* When faced with an investigation by the New York and Massachusetts attorneys general over whether or not they misled investors, consumers, and regulators on the impact of climate change, Exxon went on the offensive.  It filed a federal lawsuit arguing that the investigations into potential violations of securities and consumer protection laws was a … [Read more...] about Exposing Exxon’s Ham-Fisted Attempts to Wield a Skybirds Models. Reproduction Skybirds Ground Mounted Searchlight.Skynet KTM 1290 Super Duke R Us Patriot Edition 1 12 Pressofuso MotociclettaSLIK TOY WAGON Made Out Of Aluminum Lansing IowaWeaponized First Amendment